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Tattoo Brightening Cream 100ml

Eternal Bright
Revitalizing tattoo cream
The Tattoo revitalizing cream is created by Renée Blanche Laboratories to nourish and hydrate your tattoo, enhancing its brilliance and the definition of colors and features. Quickly absorbed. The presence of active moisturizing ingredients such as the natural moisturizing factor of the skin NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), a rich complex of sugars and amino acids naturally present in the dermis and responsible for its water balance, soothing and antioxidants such as wheat germ oil, lanolin and boswellia make it the main treatment for the correct care of tattooed skin.

Continuous and constant application guarantees two actions, one in the short term and one in the long term. In the short term, the presence of oils and sunscreen creates a barrier of shine and protection that gives immediate light to the tattoo. In the long term, the moisturizing and soothing active ingredients facilitate the correct healing of the tattoo, while ensuring the correct hydration of the skin.


Tattoo Brightening Spray Renee Blanche 100ml

Cleansing Water Shine effect

The cleansing water of the Shiny Tattoo line gently cleanses, leaving skin cleansed, hydrated and alive. Ready for the application of the cream.
Thanks to the presence of moisturizing active ingredients such as aloe, oats, used before applying the cream, prepares the skin for the next treatment thanks to its ability to cleanse and moisturize at the same time. Ideal for those who have little time and prefer practicality.

Instantly defines the tattoo, protecting it from fading from external agents and making the skin radiant and hydrated.


Tattoo KIT Renee Blanche

Tattoo Line Kit
Specific products to protect and enhance the color of tattoos.

Tattoos become more and more of an art form on one’s skin, but, over time, their brilliance and vibrancy tend to fade and become dull and faded. This is a natural process due to the lack of hydration of the skin which, therefore, tends to dry out and lose its liveliness and, with it, even the tattoos will show this fading.

All the products of the Shiny Tatoo line stretch and absorb very quickly, giving the right comfort to your skin which is subjected to continuous attacks by external agents, sun rays and pollution every day, accelerating the aging process.

In addition to good protection against external agents, this line offers the correct hydration to the tattoo, to ensure a shiny and lively look for longer.

Tattoo Shower Oil Renee Blanche 200ml

Shower Oil
Moisturizing and soothing effect
It is a shower treatment created by the Renée Blanche Laboratories to enhance and revitalize your tattoos. It cleanses and refreshes the skin while it moisturizes the skin protecting it from the fading action of external agents. Helps keep the shine intact and revive the color of your tattoos